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I like the Idylle FantasieLV

, still don't know which one I'm getting... Maybe I should go to the store and see how they both fit me! I am getting one of the speedies in a couple of weeks and the trevi with my b-day! That's for sure :-)! The biggest problem I have is that I like only a couple of models of LV (speedy, trevi, eva, alma, NF, bloomsbury) and that I really like the ebene, so I just want to get them in that color. But I don't want to end up people saying I always louis vuitton replica,

I prefer mono over azur. Good luck with your choice! louis vuitton bag

,I like the PM... louis vuitton handbags,Infini then Ombre louis vuitton replica,NeverfullEvaSpeedy All in Ebene louis vuitton shop,

Thank you for sharing!LV


Idylle Speedy??!! lv bag

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most of the time on my shoulder, but sometimes on my arm/ elbowlv damier ,lv quote,My Blackberry goes in the pocket, but i've thrown it in the bag before...lol
LV handbags
,lv backpack,Sepia!

lv us

,louis vuitton bio,The weather is starting to get warmer where I live, and I am wanting an azur bag for the summer. I need something that can be carried on the shoulder so I can have my hands free! I REALLY wanted a neverfull bc its casual, and I thought it would look so good with the sun dresses I wear in the summer. iBUT/i-I've been reading up about issues with neverfulls and some complain that the straps dont wear well. Would you get an azur neverfull? If not, then what azur should bag would you get?lv store ,louis vuitton mens,Mahina L Noir

lv uk

,m41526,I think the speedy only went up $40, correct?

lv news

,leather credit card wallet,Congrats! It looks great on you! Also nice collection!

lv wallet

,lv furniture,3 weeks is within the exchange period, but not if the bag has been used. LV's policy is 14 days for refund, 30 days for exchange. However, if the bag even looks as though you've breathed on it too hard, they will not take it back. LoVickstein444

lv prasad

,lv belt,I have never had a problem with any of my Coach leather looking humdrum after a few years. I have a vernis Alma I need to be very careful with - I also have a tendency to run into walls, bushes, etc - What's up with that???!! I think I'll have to start a thread on that, lol. Seriously. I carried Verona MM today to Microbiology Lab. Brave, huh?!! I guess we'll see if she stands the test. I hope I can just wipe her off if she gets dye or something on her, but I will keep her on a separate counter just for caution.

lv wallet

,louis vuitton purses cheap,LVoe it congrats!

lv on sale

,louis vuitton year,I think it definitely depends on the style...the really loud patterns are those that will be able to be dated, where some LE can be just classic. I have a Monogram Stephen bag (released in like 2006?!) that I fell in love with when it came out, and I finally got my hands on one in December, and it feels to me like a classic piece that I will be using for a very long time!On the other hand, I have 2 Miu Miu seasonal bags from 2008 that I used to love, but now seem to me to scream 'so last last last season!'

lv sun

,m91618,I love the PM!

lv sun

,lv clutch,Use mine for business keys/jump drive and the 1001 Macys discount cards!!....

lv shoes

,lv shoes,I'm only checking for pre-loved now. I had a hard enough time spending the $800 for my speedy so from now on I'm only searching for a good deal.lv air ,m41434,For a black bag, I'd either get an epi speedy/lockit....or like others have said, a nice black balenciaga or chanel flap is nice


,wallets and purses,Amazing, congrats!lv x pokemon ,louis vuitton leather wallets,Congrats! LOve the charm on the bag, such a stunning combination!lv neverfull ,louis vuitton core values,OMG U GUYS ARE SO QUICK!Before I set up this poll, i kinda knew wc is gonna win!!!! i dont have 35 as well, maybe that's a good sign???I have one question tho, How much did you guys pay for the WC speedy 35? if you dont mind me ask

lv home

,louis vuitton sunglasses for men,Don't give up hope. One will pop up eventually.lv las vegas ,m92639,I know dear friend :) We do have similar taste and that includes the hot classic flap in your avatar. you look stunning in the picture !

lv online

,lv yoga,There is nothing wrong with having a variety of bags from a variety of designers. Buy what makes you happy.My passion also comes and goes.

lv for men

,lv coin purse,I am glad you like it and it looks great on you. I really want the GM...

lv website

,louis vuitton luggage set,I have a Damier Ebene Speedy 30 and it came with a flap dustbag, and it fits fine in there with my hippiegal shaper on it. Not snug at all.

lv replica

,m40261,Hi Please help me choose and why do you choose that bag ? Thank you. I have been thinking for awhile.

lv speedy

,louis vuitton purses replica,Beautiful choices! Congrats!!!

lv you

,vuitton travel bag,Maybe that woman was an assistant to someone fabulous and she was buying if for someone else so she was jealous.

lv shoes

,m93757,Great collection! Thanks for sharing.lv purse ,m93728,After three weeks minus two days my little sunshine has finally arrived, and it's even better than I could imagine lv handbags ,lv belt,Another picture with my Puppy Bruno.. He approves of the Delightful.

lv belt

,louis vuitton catalogue.