BOAD and Societe Generale Group undertake to cooperate in carrying out their respective mandates in the WAEMU region

Abidjan, 15 June 2022. Mr. Serge Ekue, President of the West African Development Bank (BOAD), and Mr. Georges Wega, Associate Director for International Banking Networks, Africa, Mediterranean Basin and Overseas Region of Societe Generale Group, signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a cooperation framework for carrying out their respective mandates in the WAEMU region.

This partnership framework will make it possible to develop the synergetic effects necessary to provide appropriate solutions to the development issues of member countries. It will focus on two specific pillars, namely (i) upstream information sharing and establishment of a continued business dialogue between the teams of the two institutions, with a view to identifying opportunities for co-financing, co-arrangement, consulting and structuring of projects with sovereign and non-sovereign customers; and (ii) experience sharing in the form of cooperation between experts and technicians, joint appraisal and evaluation of projects and organization of seminars or training courses in either of our institutions.

As a reminder, BOAD and Societe Generale Group have been working together for several years on projects of common interest, particularly in the area of loan syndication and guarantee transactions.

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