BOAD concludes with the Government of Côte d’Ivoire three (3) loan agreements totaling XOF55 billion

WOGN1000Abidjan, 2 July 2018. Messrs. Christian Adovelande, President of BOAD, and Adama Kone, Minister of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, signed the  loan agreements concerning three (3) priority projects for the Government and the Ivorian populations, involving XOF55 billion.

The various agreements cover the partial funding of: (i) the hydro-agricultural development project in the Folon and Kabadougou areas, (ii) the drinking water supply network upgrading project in the city of Abidjan; and (iii) the Gourou watershed development and integrated management project in Abidjan.

The hydro-agricultural development project in the Folon and Kabadougou areas  involves the construction of four (4) hill dams with a total capacity of 21,772,199 m3, the development of 1,000 ha downstream the said dams, including 880 ha for rice production and 120 ha for market gardening. As part of the implementation of this project, support actions are envisaged, including the construction of 48.5 km of access roads, 64.2 km of transhumance corridors, 10 warehouses and drying areas as well as the drilling of 10 boreholes equipped with hand pumps and capacity-building actions for the beneficiary populations and environmental protection. The project implementation will contribute towards food security and poverty reduction in the intervention zone. The Bank is committed to supporting the project to the tune of XOF15,5 billion.

The drinking water supply network upgrading project in the city of Abidjan, financed to the tune XOF10 billion by the Bank, involves the upgrading of the drinking water supply network from the South-Comoé water table, through: i) the erection of three (3) wellfield areas of 36 boreholes with a total capacity of 160,000 m3/day; ii) the construction and equipment of two (2) lime neutralization and chlorine disinfection stations of 2×4,000 m3/hour; iii) the construction of nine (9) reservoirs of 5,000 m3 each; iv) the construction of four (4) pumping stations with a capacity of 4,000 m3/hour each; v) the supply and laying of about 390 km of piping; et vi) the rehabilitation of two (2) water towers at Koumassi (2,000 m3) and Vridi (5,000 m3).

The Gourou watershed development and integrated management project in Abidjan, will be financed by the Bank in an amount of XOF29.5 billion, and will involve the construction, over the Gourou watershed in the District of Abidjan, of: i) a drainage system comprising 16.9 km of waste water networks, 2.1 km stormwater ducts as well as a plastic waste sorting and recycling plant; and ii) a road network including the asphalting of 8.8 km of dirt roads and the routine maintenance of 12.0 km of surfaced roads. The project implementation will help solve persistent flooding problems at the Gourou watershed outlet located at the l’Indénié junction, in the heart of Abidjan and reduce sediment inputs in the Cocody bay.

Addressing the audience at the signing ceremony, Mr. Adovelande stated that these 3 projects which bring the institution’s total commitments in Côte d’Ivoire to XOF924.4 billion, are in line with the Bank’s 2015-2019 strategic plan and are part of the national development plan of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire for 2016-2020. Given the significant contribution of these projects to the attainment of goals set under the national development plan, and considering the conditions of implementation of these projects, he reaffirmed his confidence that the Ivorian government will take “the necessary steps to ensure management, operation and maintenance of the facilities and equipment which will be put in place in accordance with the proper rules in order to guarantee their sustainability”.

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