BOAD contributes XOF8 billion to the financing of an emergency rural electrification programme in Niger

Logo BOADNiamey, 28 April 2015. A short-term facility agreement was signed by and between Messrs. Bassary Touré, Vice-president of the West African Development Bank (BOAD) and Amadou Boubacar Cissé, Minister of State, Minister of Planning, Land-Use Planning and Community Development. Under this agreement, BOAD provides resources amounting to XOF8 billion to the Government of Niger for the purchase of power grid equipment and gensets for the 2015-2016 emergency rural electrification programme (PUER 2015-2016).

Through this support which will make it possible to supply power to 211 communities, including 55 chief towns of rural communities and 156 villages, the institution contributes to the implementation of the economic and social development plan (PDES) developed by the Government of Niger. This plan has set a target of 100 communities to be electrified in a year, that is 500 electrified communities on aggregate by 2016. Asserting the Bank’s vision regarding the impact of energy on economic growth and improved living conditions of the populations, Mr. Bassary Touré stated that “in view of the significance of power-related challenges, BOAD is firmly committed to the successful culmination of this programme whose implementation should provide better coverage of the demand and secure electric power supply to the targeted rural populations”.

The financial support provided by the Bank in the energy sector in Niger stood at XOF35.686 billion, accounting for 8.73% of total commitments, all sectors combined, amounting to XOF408 billion.

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