BOAD is holding a validation workshop on the evaluation of non-commercial project portfolio in Benin.

The West African Development Bank, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Benin via the Autonomous Amortization Fund (CAA), is holding the validation workshop on the evaluation of the non-commercial project portfolio supported by BOAD from 2000 to 2015 in Benin. The workshop which forms part of the Bank’s activities in project development outcome evaluation, will take place on 28 November 2019 in Cotonou at the premises of the Autonomous Amortization Fund. About fifty people including officials from line ministries, decentralized departments involved in the implementation of the said projects, as well as a delegation from BOAD will attend this workshop. The purpose is to:

  • stimulate discussion on key areas of evaluation such as: (i) findings; (ii) lessons to be drawn and (iii) recommendations made;
  • share participants’ experiences on concerns raised by the evaluation;
  • contribute to validating the various evaluation reports.

The overall aim of this evaluation is, on the one hand, (i) to give account to stakeholders of the utilization of resources allocated to projects and results achieved, and (ii) to contribute to improving stakeholders’ policies, strategies and procedures (BOAD and borrowers) in implementing future projects that take into consideration lessons to be drawn from failures and successes.

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