BOAD provides support to the Government of Niger in an amount of XOF40 billion through the signing of two loan agreements

Signature Diffa KandadjiNiamey, 12 August 2021. Mr. Serge Ekue, President of BOAD, and Mr. Abdou Rabiou, Minister of Planning of Niger, have signed two loan agreements relating to the 1,300 ha hydro-agricultural development project as part of the action plan for the resettlement of communities affected by the impoundment of the Kandadji dam, and the Diffa airport rehabilitation and extension project in the Republic of Niger.
The 1,300 ha hydro-agricultural development project under the Kandadji programme will help: i) achieve additional production of 2,400 tons of paddy rice, 620 tons of cereals, 13,150 tons of fruit products and 10,100 tons of market garden produce in a peak year; ii) ensure the operation and sustainability of the facilities through the organization of producers into cooperatives and capacity building; and iii) increase farm incomes for beneficiary households by at least 70%. For the project implementation, BOAD is making available to Niger resources totaling XOF15 billion.
This support brings the Bank’s contribution to the funding of the Kandadji Programme to XOF45 billion and its total support in the rural development area to XOF78.7 billion, representing 12.1% of the Bank’s total commitments to Niger estimated at XOF648.8 billion for all sectors combined.
The Diffa airport rehabilitation and extension project aims to ensure air traffic stabilization through improved airport facilities which will directly contribute to international attractiveness, increased security and improved mobility, mobilization of production factors at lower costs as well as economic and social development of the area. For its implementation, BOAD is making available to the Republic of Niger resources amounting to XOF25 billion. This amount brings BOAD’s contribution to Niger’s infrastructure sector to XOF302 billion, or 46.5% of total commitments to the country.
These two operations are part of Niger’s Renaissance Programme (Act II) and are consistent with the 2021-2025 strategic plan “Djoliba”, namely its three operational areas, viz: strengthening regional integration (Area 1); contributing to the creation of value and productive jobs for the States and the private sector (Area 2) and building greater resilience to climate change (Area 3).

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