Commissioning of the 91 km Wo-Bankass-Koro road section in Mali, financed by the West African Development Bank (BOAD) for an amount of XOF9.5 billion

Logo BOADBankass, 5 November 2017. Mr. Jacques Kouame Bi, Representative of the West African Development Bank (BOAD) attended the ceremony hosted by the Malian Prime Minister to commission the 91 km Wo-Bankass-Koro road section. Other heads of institutions and government officials were present at the ceremony.  

Works were financed with a XOF9.5 billion loan facility from BOAD as part of the overall rehabilitation and asphalting of the Bandiagara-Bankass-Koro-Burkina Faso border road over a stretch of 159 km. The Wo-Bankass-Koro road section will complete the rehabilitation of the road CU13 between Bandiagara and Ouayigouya and boost trade between Mali, Burkina and other coastal countries.

This loan facility brings to XOF144.6 billion, the total amount of loans granted by BOAD for road projects in Mali, representing 25.87% of the Bank’s total loans to the country.

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