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Despite an unfavourable international context and security problems in the Sahelian countries, the year 2013 was marked at sub-regional level by the continuation of the economic dynamism which started in 2012. Indeed, the WAEMU demonstrated its resilience and vitality by maintaining an appreciable pace of economic growth, namely 5.8%. This growth was due mainly to the enhancement of investments in infrastructure, mining and tapping of petroleum resources, as well as generally favourable harvests in the 2013-2014 farming season, albeit slightly lower than that of the previous year (-8%).

With regard to BOAD specifically, FY E2013 was a new year of growth. There was a 16% increase in financing in the form of medium and long-term loans (excluding the Energy Development Fund), compared to 2012, amounting to FCF A502.4 billion. This financing made it possible to support 42 investment projects in areas such as transport or energy infrastructure, agricultural development, industry, or services. Seven (7) equity investment operations were also carried out, involving an overall amount of FCF A12.9 billion.


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