Signing of a Framework Cooperation Agreement between BOAD and Côte d’Ivoire Innovation 20

Abidjan, 8 June 2023. Messrs. Moustapha Ben Barka, Vice-President of BOAD, and Steven Bedi, President of Côte d’Ivoire Innovation 20 (Ci20) Association, signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement, in the presence of Mr. Amadou Coulibaly, Minister of Digital Economy of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire. Under this agreement, the Bank and the Ci20 Association undertake to cooperate on all actions and projects in the field of digital transformation in countries where either party operates.

In detail, this cooperation encompasses (i) the implementation of projects and programs aimed at developping and promoting the digital economy sector as a whole; (ii) the co-creation of innovative financial instruments to support startups and technology companies in member countries; (iii) institutional and technical support for programs and opportunities proposed by Ci20 that create value, income and jobs for young people; (iv) joint efforts in establishing business clusters with a high social and environmental impact.

The aim of Ci20 is to promote the digital economy, Tech and digital technology, as levers for creating jobs for young people; to promote national champions, Ivorian and WAEMU startups; and to increase the share of the digital economy in Côte d’Ivoire’s GDP, positioning the country as a pioneering force within the region. This comprehensive cooperation framework underscores the alignment of missions between the two parties and the existence of synergies, providing greater scope and impact to their actions in support of the populations in the WAEMU zone.

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