Whistleblowing reporting form

(for reporting fraud, corruption, money laundering, etc.)


The Bank strongly appeals to any person with information on cases of wrongdoing to report the same to BOAD Bureau of Inquiries. Even if the Bureau of Inquiries accepts anonymous complaints, it urges whistleblowers to identify themselves as allegations made anonymously are oftentimes difficult to review and may not fully respond to the complainant’s concerns. Furthermore, the Bank has adopted a whistleblowing and complaints handling policy to protect whistleblowers from reprisals.

    1. What happened?

    Full description of the facts including all useful details.

    2. When did it happen?

    Specifying date, time and other personal details.

    3. Where did it happen?

    Specifying where and when wrongdoing took place (country, city, area...).

    4. Who are the relevant persons and/or entities involved?

    Specifying names and details of people or companies, which, according to the whistleblower, are involved or suspected or have become aware of alleged wrongdoing.

    5. How will these facts relate to BOAD?

    Establishing the link between such allegations and internal procurement processes or operations financed by BOAD.

    6. Please give your name and contact details.

    You can remain anonymous, but you are urged to identify yourself so that we can contact you for mere additional information necessary for appropriate review of your disclosure.
    We further inform you that BOAD has adopted a whistleblower protection policy.

    NOTE. You can equally file a statement to be sent to: investigations@boad.org or call the hotline at: +228 80 00 00 09.

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