Institutional Relations

Over the last few decades, the WADB has built up solid cooperative relationships with its strategic partners, who have provided constant support to enable it to consolidate its action in the service of the people of the WAEMU. Through the granting of numerous lines of credit, subsidies for capacity-building programs and donations for the implementation of various initiatives, notably in favor of the climate, the Bank's long-standing partners have given it the financial and technical resources to become a melting pot of skills and experience dedicated to financing development projects.

Strategic partners

The Bank’s strategic partners are long-standing allies who support it in a number of areas, including financing, technical assistance and specific initiatives.

Technical partners

Technical partners provide technical assistance to support the Bank in specific areas or sectors, enabling capacity-building for the Bank’s teams and certain stakeholders.

Financial partners

The Bank’s financial partners grant it lines of credit and/or cash flow, and work with it to co-finance projects.


The BOAD has adopted a strategic plan for the five-year period 2021-2025, the Djoliba Plan, which is highly proactive and aims for a significant change of scale. This assertive ambition is supported, among other things, by a new conception and redefinition of the Institution’s partnership relations to be consistent with the stated objectives.

As part of the adoption of the DJOLIBA 2021-2025 plan, the Bank has placed sustainability high on its agenda, and has set up a Department in charge of Innovation and Sustainable Development, which is rolling out the ESG by Design Program, launched in September 2022. This program will eventually include the systematic integration of ESG criteria into all BOAD activities.


This ambition implies a redefinition of BOAD’s partnership approach, which should be reflected in :

  • Deepening existing relationships by identifying new areas of partnership with traditional partners;
  • The establishment of new partnerships that include sustainable development themes;
  • Active participation in sustainable finance initiatives, think tanks and high-level working groups.

To this end, BOAD is committed to strengthening cooperation with its traditional partners and developing new partnerships in line with its strategy.

Serge André Philippe BOUAH

Director, Institutional Relations Department

Address: 68 avenue de la libération, Lomé, Togo


Telephone: +228 22 21 59 06 / +228 22 23 27 08


Head of Institutional Relations Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Zone

Address: 68 avenue de la libération, Lomé, Togo


Telephone: +228 22 21 59 06 / +228 22 23 26 28


Head of Institutional Relations Americas and Far East Zone

Address: 68 avenue de la libération, Lomé, Togo


Telephone: +228 22 21 59 06 / +228 22 23 27 60


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