Our financing

Welcome to the "Our Financing" section of the Banque Ouest-Africaine de Développement (BOAD), where we reveal our commitment to the private sector and SMEs in West Africa. Through a diverse range of financial products and support initiatives, we highlight our essential role in promoting entrepreneurship and economic growth in the region.

Private Sector Support

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BOAD is firmly committed to stimulating the private sector in West Africa. We believe that innovation, job creation and sustainable economic growth are intimately linked to the dynamism of private enterprise. In this way, we implement an intervention strategy tailored to the needs of the private sector, through direct and indirect support actions.

Soutien aux PME/PMI

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the driving force behind the region’s economy. We are firmly committed to supporting these key players by offering them easier access to financing. Our financial solutions for SMEs include dedicated credit lines, capacity-building programs and guarantee mechanisms to facilitate access to credit.

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BOAD doesn’t just provide financing. We work closely with our private sector customers and SMEs to help them develop their projects, strengthen their management capacity and seize growth opportunities. Our aim is to contribute to the long-term success of our business partners. Over the years, we have supported a large number of private sector companies in various sectors, helping to create jobs, stimulate innovation and drive economic growth in the West African region.