Our areas of expertise

Discover an overview of our extensive portfolio of activities, reflecting our commitment to sustainable economic and social development in the West African region.

Infrastructure and the digital economy

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BOAD is committed to strengthening the infrastructure essential for economic growth. Among other things, we invest in roads, bridges, airports and telecommunications to promote regional connectivity and stimulate the development of the digital economy.

Energy and natural resources

Energy security is crucial to growth. We support clean energy, power generation and natural resource management projects to promote sustainability and energy independence in the sub-region.

Agriculture and food safety

Person who inspects seeds during harvesting

Agriculture is the mainstay of the West African economy. We invest in innovative agricultural projects, from production to processing, to improve food security, boost farmers’ incomes and strengthen the agri-food value chain.

Health and education

The BOAD attaches great importance to improving health and education in West Africa. We support the construction of healthcare infrastructures, the training of medical staff and the development of quality education for all.

Real estate & social housing

We believe in the importance of affordable, quality housing for all. Our investments in real estate aim to meet the housing needs of the population while promoting sustainable urban development.

Environment and climate finance

Environmental protection is a priority for BOAD. We finance projects aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change, promoting the sustainable management of natural resources and strengthening the resilience of communities to climate shocks.

Our commitment to these key sectors reflects our vision of contributing to the harmonious and sustainable development of the West African sub-region. We work closely with our partners to mobilize the resources needed to carry out these projects, and are committed to creating a lasting positive impact on the communities we serve.

Explore each sector further to learn more about our initiatives, current projects and success stories that are shaping the future of West Africa.

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