Grievance Redress Service

We allow you to submit complaints if a project we are financing or co-financing is subject to environmental or community damage.

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Steps in the complaint procedure: 

  1. BOAD acknowledges receipt of the complaint within 5 business days and determines its admissibility within 20 business days.
  2. After considering the reasons for the complaint, a request for further information may be sent to the complainant if necessary. The latter shall be informed of the progress.
  3. Within 25 business days, BOAD offers solutions with a timetable for implementation. If the complainant agrees, the project team and the implementing agency will implement the solutions selected. BOAD will follow up.
  4. The complaint is closed when the solutions are fully implemented.

File a complaint

Eligibility criteria :

  • The complaint relates to a project financed or co-financed by the West African Development Bank, being prepared, implemented or closed;
  • The complaint is filed by individuals or communities affected by a financed or co-financed by the West African Development Bank;
  • The complainant(s) alleges that he/she was or will be affected by the project financed or co-financed by the West African Development Bank.

Information to be included in the complaint:

The complaint must:

  • Identify the project in question;
  • Clearly describe the harm caused by the project;
  • Include the name of the complainant(s);
  • Specify whether it is filed by a representative of the person or community affected by the project;
  • If applicable, include the name, signature, contact information and written proof of the representative’s mandate.

All complaints will be treated confidentially. BOAD will not disclose any information that may reveal the identity of complainants without their consent.

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