Follow-up on complaints deemed admissible by the West African Development Bank

Examination of admissibility

Within twenty working days of registration of the request, the Organizational Unit in charge of the grievance policy and procedure at the Bank’s head office will inform the applicant and the public whether the request meets the admissibility criteria.

Assessing the feasibility of resolving the dispute

Within twenty-five working days of determining eligibility, the Organizational Unit will send the applicant, the resident mission and other interested stakeholders an assessment of the feasibility of grievance resolution activities. The assessment will also include recommended actions, if any, that BOAD is willing to undertake or facilitate to encourage further resolution of the dispute under consideration, or it will conclude that there is no point in resolving the dispute and close the case. This assessment may also determine whether the applicant should first file a claim with one of the grievance processes established by the project promoter or the government of the resident mission.

To date, no complaints have been registered on this channel.