Obtaining approval

We invite companies interested in joining our network of service providers to complete the application form. Your expertise and commitment are essential to support our mission of sustainable development in West Africa. As an authorized BOAD service provider, you will have the opportunity to work with us and contribute to economic growth and the improvement of living conditions in the region. Fill in the form now and join us in this positive impact venture. Your contribution counts.

List of required documents :

  • Completed application form, specifying the areas or services required;
  • Installation permit or valid economic operator’s card ;
  • Certificate of registration with the Registre du Commerce et du Crédit Mobilier (RCCM) ;
  • Valid certificate certifying that you are in good standing with the tax authorities;
  • Valid certificate stating that you are in good standing with Social Security;
  • Curricula vitae of key executives, mentioning their expertise in the field ;
  • Corporate liability insurance ;
  • Certificate of non-bankruptcy less than three (03) months old.

All the documents listed above must be sent to dpa@boad.org in PDF format.

Download the application form