Agriculture and food safety

The aim of the BOAD's interventions in the agricultural sector is to contribute to the achievement of food and nutritional sovereignty in the WAEMU through the financing of climate-resilient agriculture and value chain agribusiness.


BOAD works to develop, increase and diversify income and economic opportunities in rural areas through :

  • Formulation and financing of regional agricultural programs and projects to create, upgrade and expand existing agro-industrial units in the WAEMU zone, in both high-value-added and conventional sectors.
  • The preparation of agricultural or agro-industrial projects with a strong positive impact on the climate, integrating the climate dimension and using clean technologies.


BOAD’s Agriculture and Agribusiness Department carries out its activities through direct medium- and long-term loans to governments and private-sector players, and short-term financing lines dedicated to agricultural campaigns. BOAD’s activity in this sector is essentially based on two axes:

I. Supporting agricultural development, food security and agricultural resilience.

  • Preparing, structuring and financing regional agricultural projects and programs
  • Monitoring the implementation of funded WAEMU agricultural projects and programs
  • Integration of the climate dimension and the construction of equipped boreholes, wells and latrines into the structuring of financed rural development projects.

II. To support businesses operating in the WAEMU’s priority agricultural sectors and promote local processing of agricultural products.

  • Participation in the origination and structuring of private projects with a view to their financing.
Inspection of a market garden


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