Infrastructure and the digital economy

The WADB is heavily involved in the infrastructure and digital economy sectors, with $4.95 billion committed, or 39.60% of its total commitments, as at December 31, 2022. BOAD is reaffirming this commitment as part of the 2021-2025 strategic plan, named Djoliba, which provides for $2.1 billion in additional investment in the sector. This corresponds to 35% of the Bank's total commitments over the period 2021-2025.

Our missions

  • Enable sustainable mobility of people and goods within and between UEMOA member countries through infrastructure development, environmental considerations and resilience.
  • Develop different modes of transport to lower costs and offer users more choice
  • Promoting people’s access to telecommunications solutions
  • Adapt telecommunications networks to technological developments (4G/5G)
  • Digitize private-sector administrative procedures and processes to improve performance, save time and ensure transparency

Our approach

BOAD takes part in projects and programs aligned with both national programs and its Djoliba Strategic Plan. As part of the support it provides to WAEMU member states, the WADB calls on private-sector players to participate in the design, financing, construction and operation of structuring infrastructure as part of a PPP approach. The aim of this approach is to increase funding to bridge the infrastructure gap, a sine qua non for the emergence of West African countries.

Our priorities

  • Support governments and private-sector players in financing studies and setting up high-impact national and inclusive projects and programs.
  • Advocate the rail sub-sector as the most economical and least polluting mode of transport.
  • Identify and support the preparation of climate projects for urban development and shock resilience.
  • Support the creation of airport hubs in a spirit of subsidiarity, and the relocation of certain airports located in heavily urbanized areas, so that they can operate under optimum safety and security conditions.
  • Support states in promoting national champions.
  • Innovative financing, particularly for commercial infrastructure (ports, airports, railroads, large-scale road infrastructure).

Our achievements at the halfway point of the Djoliba plan

  • 3.8 million
    of airport passengers
  • 2.6 million
    additional subscribers to digital services
  • 7.6 million
    tonnes of goods transported by sea freight

As of 12/31/2022, BOAD had financed 19 projects representing 20 loans:

  • 2 freeway projects
  • 7 road projects
  • 3 stormwater and wastewater projects
  • 3 urban development projects
  • 2 airport projects
  • 1 telecommunications project
  • 1 video surveillance project

As part of the 2021-2025 Djoliba Strategic Plan, BOAD is planning a
total financing of FCFA 1,152 billion for the Infrastructure and Energy sectors.
Digital Economy.

Emblematic projects

Creation and operation of the Aditikopé Industrial Platform in Togo

Project cost 83,560 M FCFA :

  • BOAD: 20,000 MFCFA (24%)
  • Equity (30%): Capital (17,643 MFCFA) / Current accounts (7,347 MFCFA)
  • Banking pool: 38,570 M FCFA (46%)

Construction of the logistics platform for the Grand Nokoué agrifood cluster in Abomey Calavi, Benin

Cost 108,912 MFCFA :

  • BOAD: 20,000 MFCFA (18%)
  • Local banks: 65,000 MFCFA (60%)
  • Beninese government: 23,912 MFCFA (22%)

Bobo Dioulasso dry port in Burkina Faso

Cost of construction + rehabilitation + extension = 14,086 MFCFA :

  • BOAD: 8,210 MFCFA (58%)
  • Local banks (BOA and Coris Bank): CFAF 3,786 million (27%)
  • CCI-BF: 2,090 MFCFA (15%)

Riviera-Marcory Toll Bridge (Henri Konan Bédié: HKB) + Interchange

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing (VGE) in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Cost 168,040 MFCFA :

  • BOAD (14,300 + 20,000): 34,300 MFCFA (20%)
  • Co-donors (EBID, IDB and others): 61,585 MFCFA (37%)
  • SOCOPRIM: 18,875 MFCFA (11%) and iv) State: 53,585 MFCFA (32%).

Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD) in Diass, Senegal

Initial cost 344 246.2 MFCFA :

  • BOAD: 17,000 MFCFA (5%)
  • SDB equity: 95,704 MFCFA (28%)
  • Co-donors (AfDB, IDB, AFD, IDC, OPEC Fund, Saudi Fund): 66.98%.
  • State: 56.2 MFCFA (0.02%)

Dakar-Diamniadio-AIBD Highway of the Future in Senegal

Project cost 677,818 M FCFA :

  • BOAD: 53,498 MFCFA (8%)
  • Equity: 82,289 MFCFA (12%)
  • Other lenders (IFC, ADB, CBAO, Société Générale and Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF)): 224,038 MFCFA (33%)
  • State: 317,993 MFCFA (47%)

Daouda BERTE

Director, Department of Infrastructures and Digital Economy

Address: 68 avenue de la Libération, Lomé, Togo


Telephone: +228 22 21 59 06 / +228 22 21 27 57

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