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2 financing agreements signed

Amadou Hott, Minister of the Economy, Planning and Cooperation, and Serge Ekué, President of the West African Development Bank (BOAD), signed two major financing agreements in Dakar on Friday June 24.

These are the  additional financing agreement for the consolidation phase of the sanitation program in 10 Senegalese cities, for 15 billion CFA francs, and agreement for partial financing of 1,529 classrooms to replace temporary shelters and ancillary structures (PRORAP Lot 2) in the amount of 25 billion CFA francs. This makes a total of 40 billion CFA francs.

The overall aim of the sanitation program in ten (10) towns in Senegal, which is being strengthened through the present operation, is to significantly improve living conditions and the health of the population, by promoting sustainable access to public sanitation services.

The purpose of this consolidation phase is to build, in ten (10) towns in Senegal (i) wastewater collection and treatment systems, including five (05) wastewater treatment plants, five (05) sludge treatment plants, 28 pumping stations, 335,349 linear meters (ml) of sewer network and 32,483 sewer connections ii) a stormwater drainage system comprising 12,414 ml of drainage collectors, 3 567 ml reprofiling of natural streams, 02 retention basins with a combined capacity of 39,000 m3 and 7 992 ml of paved roads and iii) stand-alone sanitation systems comprising 500 multi-cabin school kiosks.

Among other things, this program will make it possible to: (i) increase the rate of access to wastewater treatment in the program area from 56% in 2014 to 74% in 2024; ii) increase the rate of pollution control from 40% in 2014 to 50% in 2024; iii) increase by 46% wastewater treatment capacity in the Program area by an additional 10,408 m3/day; iv) achieve a level of wastewater treatment in line with WHO guidelines; and v) reduce the number of people affected by flooding in Kaolack by 30% .

The program is expected to increase the number of people with access to a sustainable sanitation service, to increase the number of people adopting good public health practices, and to reduce the number of illegal garbage dumps in neighborhoods benefiting from the program.

In terms of employment too, 1,500 indirect and induced jobs are expected to be created, 50 direct jobs during program operation and 300 indirect and induced jobs during program implementation and operation.

With regard to lot 2 of the ambitious Programme de Remplacement d’Abris Provisoires et d’ouvrages annexes (PRORAP) in the education sector, the overall objective is to help meet the demand for classrooms and correct disparities in national education. Specifically, the aim is to provide 85,624 underprivileged children with good learning conditions and reduce the drop-out rate in the schools concerned by 50%.

This program will enable the construction in the fourteen (14) regions of Senegal of : (i) 1,529 classrooms equipped to replace temporary shelters (elementary school), (ii) 1 107 administrative blocks in local materials (elementary, middle and high schools), (iii) 607 hygiene blocks (elementary and junior schools) and (iv) 59,000 linear meters (ml) of fencing walls in local materials.

The main development results expected by the government remain the construction and equipping of 1,529 classrooms by 2024, and the improvement of the environment and living conditions of beneficiaries. The Project is also expected to create 726 indirect and induced jobs and 7 720 jobs.

With the signature of these Loan Agreements, BOAD’s cumulative commitments in Senegal now amount to 1, ,102.814 billion FCFA as at March 31, 2022.