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BOAD finances the construction of a brewery complex and a can production line by Coca-Cola Donga Bottling Company SA in Benin

Cotonou, September 19, 2022. Serge EKUE, President of the West African Development Bank (BOAD), and Gilles GUERARD, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coca-Cola Donga Bottling Company SA (CCDBC SA), have signed a loan agreement worth 20 billion FCFA for the construction and operation of a brewery complex and can production line in the Seme-Podji industrial zone in Benin.

The project aims to contribute to supplying the market with quality products, creating jobs and generating wealth. In partnership with THE COCA-COLA COMPANY, it will produce: (i) 385 000 hl of soft drinks in year 1 and 730,000 hl from year 5.ème année ;(ii) an average of 7 300 hl of mineral water over the period and(iii) 64 million cans in year 1 and 200 million cans from year4 onwards. The setting up of the can production unit, the first of its kind in the UEMOA region, will meet demand from brewers, particularly in UEMOA countries, for this type of packaging, which is increasingly used and complies with environmental standards.

BOAD’s decision to support CCDBC SA is part of its commitment to supporting national champions. This project fits in perfectly with Benin’s Government Action Program (PAG 2021-2026), in particular pillar no. 2 ” pursuing the structural transformation of the economy “. It is also anchored in BOAD’s strategic plan, Plan DJOLIBA , and in particular in operational priority 2, ” contribution to the creation of value and productive jobs in support of governments and the private sector “. The project brings the total volume of the Bank’s commitments in Benin to 901.386 billion CFA francs, including 36.381 billion CFA francs for the agro-industrial sector.

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