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Mr Alain TCHIBOZO, appointed Chief Economist

BOAD_Corporate photoshoot283The West African Development Bank (BOAD) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Alain TCHIBOZO to the position of Chief Economist.

As Chief Economist, Mr. TCHIBOZO will be responsible for improving the Bank’s access to international capital markets, at a time when the institution is committed to strengthening its equity capital to support the economic and social development of WAEMU countries.

A senior financial analyst with almost 30 years’ experience with European banks and investment banks, Mr. TCHIBOZO began his career with the Crédit Agricole Group (Paris-France) in 1987, where his responsibilities included managing the team of financial analysts responsible for monitoring European banks.

He has worked in Paris and London for Exane BNP Paribas, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, ING Wholesale Banking and Mediobanca Securities.

Alain TCHIBOZO joins BOAD after 3 years in active management of an investment portfolio comprising equities, debt instruments and hybrid securities with the English hedge fund Inverewe Capital.

BOAD’s new Chief Economist is a graduate of HEC and SFAF (Société Française des Analystes Financiers) Paris (France), and holds an FSA/FCA professional license from London (England). Mr. TCHIBOZO is also co-author of a book on banking strategies in the digital age, “Transformer la banque – Dunod, Septembre 2020”.

It should be noted that it was under the new governance with the recent appointment of Mr. Serge EKUE as President of BOAD, that the position of Chief Economist was created and filled by the Bank for the first time.

Reacting to his appointment, Mr Alain TCHIBOZO said: “Strengthening the relationshipbetween international investors and BOAD is now a priority, which will enable our institution to optimize its sources of refinancing, a key success factor for the development of our sub-region“.

President Serge EKUE on the choice of Mr TCHIBOZO: “Mr Alain Tchibozo is an extremely valuable asset who will make a huge contribution to BOAD. He has a wealth of experience, and his appointment is in line with the commitments we made to the Union’s highest authorities. It is also in line with our vision of reinforcing the BOAD’s international credibility, in line with the strengthening of the institution’s capital with a view to enhancing its operational performance.“.

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