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Mr Ibrahima DIOUF, appointed Special Advisor to the President of BOAD

BOAD_Corporate photoshoot353 The West African Development Bank (WADB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Ibrahima DIOUF as Special Advisor to the WADB President. As Special Adviser to the President of the WADB, Mr. DIOUF’s rich experience of more than 30 years in the African and international banking sector will enable him to provide advice on the institution’s strategic issues, as and when requested by the President of the WADB.

A specialist in auditing, governance and bank financing, Ibrahima DIOUF began his career as Head of Operations and then Customer Manager at BICIS -DAKAR (SENEGAL) in 1989, before joining CBAO Dakar as Director of Large Corporations. He then held the position of Vice President for CITIGROUP Dakar, Brussels and London, where he joined the Group’s headquarters as Senior Auditor and Head of Mission. Group Director, Operational Risks & Internal Control at BARCLAYS BANK Africa, based in DUBAI from 2007 to 2011, he was in charge of control and operational risks for emerging markets (UAE & Gulf Region, Egypt & North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, India & Indian Ocean, Pakistan and Russia).

Prior to joining the Cabinet of the President of BOAD, Mr. DIOUF had held the position of Managing Director of EBI SA, the international subsidiary of the pan-African banking group Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) for the France, United Kingdom, China and United Arab Emirates zone, since September 2016.

Member of the Executive Committee (GEC), Senior Vice President and Director in charge of Internal Audit for the ETI Group from July 2011 to August 2016, he was a privileged interlocutor with Central Banks on the African continent and acted as advisor to General Management on strategic projects.

At the time of leaving ETI, Mr DIOUF was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFRICA RAPIDTRANSFER SA (France) and Director of Ecobank Sénégal. Ibrahima DIOUF holds an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School (Advanced Management Program – AMP/Boston-USA), and an MBA from the University of Dallas -Texas (USA) in International Business Management.

Reacting to his appointment, Mr Ibrahima DIOUF said: “I’m very happy . to return to Africa and, above all, to join the BOAD family. It’s a great privilege to work alongside President Ekué, whom I thank for his confidence. Our sole objective is to participate in the economic development of our region, which will ultimately be measured by the social and environmental impact of our Institution’s actions on the living conditions of our populations.“.

President Serge EKUE on the choice of Mr DIOUF: “Mr. Ibrahima DIOUF is a senior African executive with a good knowledge of the banking sector in Africa and internationally. I’m convinced that, together with his recognized expertise, we’ll be able to add another dimension to the Bank’s reputation.“.

About West African Development Bank

The West African Development Bank (WADB) is the joint development finance institution of the West African Monetary Union (WAMU). According to Article 2 of its Articles of Association, the BOAD’s purpose is to “promote the balanced development of member states and achieve economic integration in West Africa” by financing priority development projects. It is accredited with the three climate finance mechanisms (GEF, AF, GCF). Since 2009, BOAD has been an observer at the UNFCCC, taking an active part in discussions on the construction of an international climate finance architecture. Since January 2013, it has been home to the first Regional Collaboration Center (CRC) on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), whose aim is to provide direct support to governments, NGOs and the private sector in identifying and developing CDM projects. It is committed to carbon neutrality by 2023 and is an active member of the International Development Finance Club (IDFC), which brings together 24 national, regional and bilateral development banks.