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Ms Sokhna M’BAYE appointed Managing Director of BOAD TITRISATION

Mr Serge Ekué, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Boad Titrisation SA, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Adji Sokhna M’BAYE as Managing Director of BOAD Titrisation, effective April 4, 2022.

A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, the Ecole de Mines de Paris, and the Universities of Paris VII (Diderot) and Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie), Ms. M’BAYE also holds a Certificate in Negotiation and Leadership from Harvard Business School.

She began her career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Paris in the quantitative analysis team. In 2011, she joined the Natixis group in Paris and then Hong Kong, as a derivatives specialist. She continued her career at Citigroup London and New York as Market Quant and then Head of Systematic Indices. In 2019, she joined Morgan Stanley as Executive Director of Systematic Indices.

With over ten years’ experience in banking, finance and financial markets, particularly in structured finance and systematic strategies, the new Director of BOAD Titrisation will be responsible for managing the receivables securitization mutual funds (FCTC) in the UEMOA region, under the authority of the BOAD Titrisation Board of Directors.

Reacting to her appointment, Adji Sokhna M’BAYE said: “President Ekué’s proposal and ambitions for BOAD TRITISATION have convinced me to stand by his side and all the teams to take up the challenge of making securitization a pivotal mechanism for structured development financing. I will devote all my energy and enthusiasm to this mission”.

President Serge EKUE on the choice of Mrs. Sokhna M’BAYE: “Financing mechanisms are becoming increasingly technical and compliant with international standards, and therefore require new, well-equipped and experienced expertise. I’m delighted to have been able to convince Ms. Mbaye to join us at BOAD TRITISATION, and very happy to welcome her among us”.

BOAD TITRISATION is a limited company with a capital of 500 million FCFA. BOAD TITRISATION’s corporate purpose is the management of debt securitization mutual funds (FCTC). BOAD TITRISATION’s main shareholder is Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement (BOAD). BOAD-TITRISATION is the first company to obtain approval from the Conseil Régional de l’Épargne Publique et des Marchés Financiers (CREPMF) as a FCTC management company. Its head office is in Lomé, Togo.