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Rural development and social projects: BOAD grants the Beninese government a 17.5 MFCFA envelope for partial financing of the ruminant herd sedentarization project.

Cotonou, June 21, 2022. Serge EKUE, President of the West African Development Bank (BOAD) and Romuald WADAGNI, Minister of State,  Minister of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Benin, have signed a loan agreement for partial financing of FCFA 17.5 billionPhase 2 of the ruminant herd sedentarization project in Benin.

The overall project aims to free up and secure 57, ,000 ha of land for herders and agro-pastoralists for fodder production, set up a Pastoral Pilot Camp (CPP) and strengthen 126 herders’ camps. In addition, the promotion ofindustrial units, setting up production kits and capacity building of breeders for the forage preservation. Because of its scope, it has been structured in two phases over the period 2021 – 2025, the first of which was partially financed by the Bank in November 2020 to the amount of 10 billion FCFA.

The purpose of the second phase is to :

  • 126 pastoral camps to be strengthened (CPR) ;
  • securing 36,300 ha of land for individual agro-pastoralists ;
  • forage production on 16 220 ha for 1,370 individual breeders and 126 CPRs and ;
  • theenrichment of 3,780 ha of natural pasture and the provision of production kits for CPR and CPP.

Thanks to the securing of land resources for sedentarization and the promotion of forage production and aerial fodder, as well as the enrichment of natural pastures, the project will enable a better distribution of livestock in the pastoral area, recreate the conditions for a balance between livestock and biomass, contribute to safeguarding and preserving the equilibrium of the surrounding natural ecosystems, and achieve additional annual meat and milk production valued respectively at 14,100 tons and 79,500 liters.

This grant brings the Bank’s involvement in rural development and social projects to 291.3 billion FCFA, or 33.05% of its cumulative commitments in Benin, all sectors combined, which stand at 881.4 billion FCFA.

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*Photo credit: Benin Ministry of Economy and Finance.