Employee Code of Ethics


BOAD’s Code of Ethics commits the Group to respecting professional ethics, which are expressed in “principles of action” designed to inspire the attitude of employees in all circumstances.

These principles of action are not based solely on moral considerations or legal rules. They are not limited to reminding us of the need to comply with the law. They seek to promote exemplary professional behavior in all circumstances.

To be achieved, the objectives of this Code of Ethics call for reflection and a sense of responsibility on everyone’s part, as the present provisions cannot govern every situation that our employees may encounter on a daily basis. But they do set out the principles of respect, equality and honesty that should govern everyone’s conduct.

This Code of Ethics, hereinafter referred to as “the Code”, applies to the employees of the West African Development Bank, “the Bank”. It does not replace the specific rules governing personnel within the institution, and must be read in conjunction with the Staff Regulations and Rules.

By extension, it also applies, insofar as stipulated in their contracts, to third parties who have contracted with the Bank to provide services.

If the present Code proves to be incomplete or imprecise in certain situations, or if an employee feels uncertain or doubtful about what to do in a particular situation, he or she is invited to consult the Ethics Committee, his or her line manager or the Human Resources Manager.

The BOAD Ethics Committee may also be contacted and consulted by staff, the Legal Department or Human Resources for any situation or question relating to ethics. The role of the Ethics Committee is to ensure the proper functioning of the whistle-blowing procedure defined in this Code. He is appointed by the President of BOAD.

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