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26 499 FCFA

Azalai Abidjan” hotel development project by Compagnie hotellière de la Lagune (CHL) SA Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire


  • The purpose of the project is to build a 4-star hotel with a capacity of 200 rooms in the commune of Marcory in Abidjan.

    The azalai Abidjan project is part of the development of the Azalai Hotels Group’s hotel network in the UEMOA zone and in Guinea Conakry.

    The aim is to achieve an average occupancy rate rising from 54% in the first year of operation to 80% from year 6 onwards.

of the project

  • BOAD : 6000 M FCFA
  • Other : 20499 M FCFA


As part of the economic recovery following the post-election crisis in Côte d’Ivoire, the Ivorian government has made the tourism sector a priority as part of its ambitious “sublime Côte d’Ivoire” program. The AZALAI Group’s new 4-star hotel in Abidjan is part of this policy. The project management company is Compagnie Hôtelière de la Lagune (CHL). The reception building is a 13-storey structure built on a 3139 m 2 plot of land, with a capacity of 200 rooms, two (02) restaurants and a dozen meeting rooms.

BOAD’s support for the project has resulted in the signature of a credit agreement for a total amount of 6 billion FCFA.


When the loan agreement was signed in 2012, the project cost was estimated at 16,568 million CFA francs. However, during and towards the end of the project, the cost increased by 60%, bringing the final cost of the project to 26,499 M F CFA. BOAD’s financing of F CFA 6,000 million was allocated to part-finance the construction work.


The main development results expected during the implementation and operation of all the structures to be installed are :

Boosting the local economy:
Generation of supply and service contracts for local companies, estimated at 9,281 M FCFA.
The recruitment of 172 employees whose salaries amount to 544 million FCFA.
Signing of service contracts worth 2,336 million FCFA.
Payment of customs duties and miscellaneous taxes amounting to FCFA 1,620 million.

Developing the tourism sector :

200 rooms in Abidjan, equivalent to 73,000 overnight stays per year.

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