2313 M FCFA

BOAD participates in PROPARCO’s capital increase


  • The aim is to raise 326,738 million FCFA, including 242,139.9 million FCFA in nominal value and 84,597 million FCFA in issue premiums.

of the project

  • BOAD : 2313 M FCFA
  • Other participants : 324425 M FCFA

The purpose of the project is for BOAD to participate in PROPARCO’s share capital increase for an amount of FCFA 2,313 million (EUR 3,525,625), including FCFA 1,714 million (EUR 2,612,784) in nominal value and FCFA 599 million (EUR 919,841.41) in share premium. It will strengthen PROPARCO’s financial structure and enable it to comply in the medium term with the limit on its equity investment activity and the minimum solvency ratio set out in its risk appetite framework, which is necessary for the implementation of its new 2023-2027 strategic plan.

The project is in line with operational priorities 1, 2 and 3 of the Djoliba Plan, which are aimed respectively at strengthening regional integration, creating value and productive jobs in support of governments and the private sector, and building resilience to climate change. PROPARCO is involved in financing companies in emerging countries, particularly in Africa. By 2022, 45% of PROPARCO’s financial commitments (671,669.96 M FCFA) will be in Africa, and 10.4% will be exclusively in UEMOA countries (63,168.65 M FCFA).

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