Real estate and social housing
32 046 M FCFA

Construction of a hotel and sports complex by sports city diamniadio co SA, Diamniadio, Senegal


  • The general objectives of the project are to :

    1. Strengthen Senegal’s hotel infrastructure capacity;
    2. Do provide Senegal and the sub-region with a state-of-the-art sports complex that meets both the requirements of top-level sport and the needs of amateur athletes;
    3. Loger both sports delegations during large-scale competitions and tourists visiting the new town of Diamniadio and the Dakar region (Dakar, Saly, etc.), and Create infrastructure for leisure activities in the Dakar region (shows, concerts, children’s playgrounds).

of the project

  • BOAD : 10500 M FCFA
  • Other : 21546 M FCFA


To accelerate its march towards economic emergence by 2035, the government of the Republic of Senegal has adopted a new project development model. This strategy, known as the Plan Sénégal Émergent (PSE), is the frame of reference for the country’s economic and social policy, and aims to transform the economy by consolidating current growth drivers and developing sectors that create wealth, jobs and social inclusion, and have a strong capacity to export and attract private investment.

Axis 1 of the PES sets out the State of Senegal’s ambition to build a sports development hub in the Diamniadio area, with modern, multi-purpose, functional infrastructures capable of hosting major national and international competitions. SCD co SA’s project to build a hotel and sports complex is part of this dynamic, establishing sport as an engine for growth, national cohesion, education and training in the country’s economy.

BOAD’s support for the project has resulted in the signature of a credit agreement for a total amount of 10.5 billion FCFA.



The purpose of the project is to build a multifunctional complex in the urban hub of Diamniadio in Senegal, including (i) a four (04) star business hotel with one hundred and seventy-three (173) rooms, including one hundred and sixty-six (166) standard rooms and seven (07) suites, and (ii) a a sports and leisure complex for a range of disciplines (soccer, handball, volleyball, basketball, etc.) designed to meet the needs of the local community. (a) professional and amateur athletes, training sessions and preparation camps for local and sub-regional teams as well as those participating in various African and international competitions in Senegal, and (b) leisure activities for the people of the Dakar region.


The total cost of the project, excluding taxes, is estimated at 32,046 M F CFA. In accordance with the BOAD/SCD co SA loan agreement, the Bank’s financing is earmarked for the following purposes

  1. total work control and supervision services and
  2. part of the “development, construction and facilities” component, under an EPC contract with the Weihai International Economic and Technical Cooperation Company (WIETC).



The main development results expected during the implementation and operation of all the structures to be installed are :

  • In terms of contribution to increasing the supply of hotel infrastructure and sports and leisure facilities :
    • 5.89 hectares of rental, sports and leisure facilities (standard rooms, suites and sports complex, playgrounds) are available;
  • Job creation:
    • at least (i) 70 direct jobs are created during project operation;
    • 500 jobs are created during project implementation and
    • 223 induced and indirect jobs are created;


  • Wealth creation :
  • at least 3,150 M F CFA of indirect and induced added value are generated on average per year;
  • at least 197 M F CFA of indirect and induced tax revenues are generated on average per year;
  • 9,593 million CFA francs of sales generated in the first year of operation, and
  • 6,751 million CFA francs of direct added value are generated in the first year of operation.

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