Infrastructures and digital economies
83 560 FCFA

Creation and operation of the Aditikopé industrial platform in Togo


  • The PIA aims to stimulate industrialization and economic development in Togo by offering companies a strategic location to set up and develop their industrial activities. It fosters job creation, economic diversification and the promotion of domestic and foreign investment.

of the project

  • BOAD : 20000 M FCFA

The Plateforme Industrielle d’Adétikopé (PIA) is a major industrial infrastructure project in Togo. It aims to create a favorable environment for investment, industrialization and economic development in the country.

Strategic location: The PIA is located in Adétikopé, close to the capital, Lomé, and a few kilometers from the border with Ghana. This strategic location provides easy access to regional and international markets, strengthening economic connectivity.

Infrastructure: PIA is equipped with modern industrial infrastructure, including industrial land, production areas, warehouses, offices, water treatment facilities, waste treatment facilities and safety installations to ensure a high-quality working environment.

Support for industrialization: PIA offers business support services, including tax incentives, customs facilities and a favorable regulatory environment to encourage investment and the growth of industrial activities.

Sectors of interest: PIA is interested in a variety of sectors, including agribusiness, raw materials processing, logistics, information and communication technologies, and other industries. This is helping to diversify Togo’s economy and strengthen its competitiveness in key sectors.

Financing :
Project cost 83,560 M FCFA :
BOAD: 20,000 M FCFA (24%) ;
Equity (30%): Capital (17,643 M FCFA) / Current accounts (7,347 M FCFA)
Banking pool: M FCFA (46%).

The Plateforme Industrielle d’Adétikopé is an ambitious project designed to make a significant contribution to industrialization and economic development in Togo. It provides a favorable environment for companies to invest, produce and export, while promoting job creation and the diversification of the country’s economy. This project is part of Togo’s ongoing efforts to attract investment and promote economic growth.

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