Agriculture and food safety
20 558 FCFA

Ruminant Herd Sedentarization Project, Phase 2 (ProSeR 2) in the Republic of Benin


  • Contribute to improving livestock production and rational farm management.

of the project

  • BOAD : 17500 M FCFA
  • Benin State : 3058 M FCFA


  • Freeing up and securing 57,000 ha of land for livestock breeders and agro-pastoralists for fodder production;
  • Setting up a Pastoral Pilot Camp (CPP) ;
  • Reinforcement of 126 herders’ camps ;
  • Promotion of industrial units, introduction of production kits and capacity-building for livestock farmers in forage conservation;
  • 126 pastoral camps to be strengthened (CPR)
  • Securing 36,300 ha of land for individual agro-pastoralists;
  • Forage production on 16,220 ha for 1,370 individual breeders and 126 CPRs;
  • Enrichment of 3,780 ha of natural pasture and provision of production kits for CPR and CPP.

Pilot phase : 13,647 MFCFA (10,000 MFCFA financed by BOAD)

Extension phase : 20,558 MFCFA.

Financing :

  • BOAD: 17,500 MFCFA
  • Beninese government: 3,058 MFCFA.

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Agriculture and food safety

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Agriculture and food safety

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