Agriculture and food safety

Wassoulou Integrated Development Project in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire (PDIW-CI)


  • Strengthen cross-border trade, contributing to food security and poverty reduction in the areas concerned.

of the project

  • BOAD : 15315 M FCFA
  • Ivorian State : 2587 M FCFA


  • Construction of 22 hill dams with a total capacity of 97,930,751 m3
  • Rehabilitation of 14 pastoral dams ;
  • Strengthening cross-border trade by building a regional market in Wassoulou ;
  • Development of 1,353 ha of irrigated rice-growing perimeters and 121 ha of irrigated market-gardening perimeters;
  • Rehabilitation of 1,802 km of tracks;
  • Support and environmental protection actions: support for agricultural and processing equipment, construction of boreholes equipped with human-powered pumps, construction of a livestock market, transhumance corridors, reforestation and fish farming.


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